Venture Fund

Killick’s Venture Fund invests primarily, though not exclusively, in Newfoundland-based, technology-driven startups with high growth potential. As the Newfoundland business environment has evolved, the fund’s investment opportunities have increased. In addition to tech startups, the fund considers investments in other sectors, and also at later stages when the right opportunities exist. Killick helps build success for its portfolio businesses by offering mentorship, governance support, access to our network and finance team expertise. See Killick Capital’s investment preferences.




Celtx is a software developer with expertise in open source technologies and standard-based computing. This innovative company developed “Celtx,” a pre-production software for film, video, theatre and animation. This all-in-one system for video and movie planning changes the way teams create.


Pathfactory ( formally LookBookHQ) is a revolutionary tool for modern marketers. This  Software as a Service (SAS) company sells subscription software to marketers that engages target customers with sequenced messaging. Pathfactory helps marketers seize and hold the attention of customers by shifting from scheduled, one-and-done programs to behavior-driven, always-on marketing that capitalizes on a buyer’s attention.

Sequence Bio


Applying the latest technologies and taking a unique community-based approach in Newfoundland & Labrador, Sequence Bio is advancing data-driven precision medicine.

Sequence Bio aims to enable both innovation and better patient outcomes through the use of data.



HeyOrca offers software to manage social media strategies, collaboration and approvals within a team, and multiple clients—simply and efficiently.

Clockwork Fox


A digital gaming and educational technology studio, Clockwork Fox is committed to developing learning systems based on interactive technologies that result in significantly improved learning outcomes.

In other words—they make games. If those games can do something cool like use a groundbreaking new technology or change the way kids learn math, even better.

Mysa by Empowered Homes

Empowered homes has developed Mysa, a smart, Wi-Fi enabled, line voltage thermostat that combines sleek design with innovative software to give users total control of their heating systems and help homeowners save money.

Mysa maximizes energy savings by using machine learning algorithms and big data to automate the homeowner’s heating schedule; without sacrificing the homeowner’s comfort.


Seaformatics Systems Inc is creating innovative, versatile and sustainable products that harnesses energy from the environment using wind and water power.

Their first product, the Waterlily micro turbine, captures energy from a flowing river or can be suspended in a windy area to recharge the abundance of electronics carried by outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, campers and hunters.


radient360 Solutions Inc. is a SaaS-based technology provider helping resource companies transition manual processes into digital ones.  radient360 curates applications (‘Apps’) in its r360 technology platform that digitalize work flows, generating immediate improvements in work execution, information capture and results reporting.

 radient360 ensures that the right work, is done on the right asset, at the right time.

CoLab Software

CoLab Software’s mission is to empower engineering teams to facilitate efficient global collaboration on innovative projects. Our product, Gradient, is a design and issue management platform that enables engineering teams to gather feedback, manage issues, track progress, and improve project efficiency in a centralized cloud location, while seamlessly integrating with existing design software.

Carta Worldwide


Carta Worldwide is a next-generation issuer processing platform – the engine behind fin-tech innovation.  Carta provides critical technology enabling new fin-techs to disrupt the financial services industry and allowing established banks to deliver new innovation.  Carta is the backbone of leading digital payments products around the globe.


Verafin is the leader in cloud-based, cross-institutional Fraud Detection and Anti-Money Laundering (FRAMLx) collaboration software, with a customer base of over 1700 financial institutions across North America. Its uses cross-institutional, behavior-based analytics to help financial institutions stay a step ahead of fraud and BSA, USA PATRIOT Act, and OFAC compliance, while allowing them to collaborate cross-institutionally. Verafin is the exclusive provider for the TBA, WBA, FBA, IBA, MBA, CUNA Strategic Services, and a preferred service provider of the ICBA, with industry endorsements in 47 states across the U.S.


At Harbr we are on a mission to create the world’s construction management Artificial Intelligence. Harbr was born when construction minds and technical intelligence collided through a renovation project. We then decided that we wanted to solve construction site inefficiencies due to our personal experiences. At Harbr we work with our customers every day, and together we can better understand what to build and how to build it. Our team is focused on building easy to use products for the construction industry. As a team we have over 20 years experience working with and for general contractors. Collectively our team wants to help drive the construction industry towards more efficient construction schedules


SucSeed is committed to empowering you with their hands-on education platform to help educate the next generation in sustainable agriculture, healthy eating and waste reduction. They design hydroponic gardens that are built in partnership with social enterprises.


Rally delivers an automation & collaboration platform to business lawyers and their clients. The platform is powered by Rally’s technology that enables legal documents to be understood by computers. Rally’s mission is to make the world’s legal documents computer-understandable, enabling lawyers to practice with more confidence and efficiency, while enabling businesses to gain insight from their legal information.


Coloursmith is enabling the next generation of lenses. Using our groundbreaking platform technology, we allow lens manufacturers to add a wide range of functionality to their product product lines. These include lenses that can mitigate the effects of color blindness, filter out harmful wavelengths of blue light, prevent migraines, enhance colour and protect against fading. Alongside our technology’s applicability to spectacle lenses, we are the first company with the ability to offer this suite of functional filters to contact lens wearers. We are the eyewear industry’s filter development partner

Aerospace Fund

The Killick Aerospace Fund focuses primarily on supply chain management companies (MRO and parts and distribution) in the aerospace sector. Killick looks to acquire fundamentally solid companies with the potential to grow. In partnership with companies’ incumbent management teams, the Killick team works to advance businesses through capital support and by providing industry, strategic and business development expertise. See Killick Capital’s investment preferences.

Killick Aerospace


An emerging global leader in the commercial aviation aftermarket, Killick Aerospace specializes in the sale, purchase, and lease of commercial aircraft, jet engines, and related material such as jet engine parts and airframe components.

Killick Aerospace continues to actively purchase commercial aircraft, airframes, jet engines and spare material inventories in the aviation marketplace. Well-capitalized and positioned to quickly and efficiently expand inventory via acquisitions, we can help airlines, MROs, and other aviation partners realize the full value of your commercial aviation assets.

By maintaining an extensive FAA, EASA, and CAAC certified commercial engine and airframe parts inventory, Killick Aerospace helps airlines, aircraft operators and MROs minimize their on-premise inventory and related carrying costs.

Offices and warehouses are strategically located in Dallas (USA), Dublin (Europe), and Singapore (Asia), with additional personnel in China and Australia, so we can meet global logistic needs for fast material and spare turnaround times.

Killick Aerospace’s emphasis is on Boeing 737 / 737NG, Airbus A320, CFM International CFM56, GE CF6, International Aero Engines V2500, and Pratt & Whitney PW2000 / PW4000 product lines.

Turbine Engine Specialists (TES)


TES is an on-call, on-site service company focused on business aviation. We are authorized by Honeywell and the CFE Company to perform service on their business aircraft engines.

TES also functions as an Authorized Service Center for the Honeywell 36-100 and 36-150 series APU as well as the RE100 and RE220 series APU. In addition, we perform work on the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW300 Series.

Our FAA and EASA licensed facility is located at Meacham Field in Fort Worth, Texas. However, we have expert crews ready to travel anywhere in the world to service aircraft and engines for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, including AOG rapid response.

Newfoundland & Labrador Fund

The Killick Newfoundland & Labrador Fund aims to support companies operating in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador that demonstrate a potential for future growth and are guided by a strong management team. See Killick Capital’s investment preferences.

Max Arts, Athletics, and Wellness


MAX offers recreational and professional arts, athletics and wellness programs to kids and families in Newfoundland’s North East Avalon region. MAX delivers an array of dance, theatre, music, martial arts, basketball, volleyball, bowling, fitness and wellness classes under the same roof, for maximum family convenience. With top instructors, three newly renovated facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, MAX is committed to helping individuals reach their potential in a place where fun and quality instruction go hand-in-hand.

Firecraft Products Inc.


Firecraft Products Inc. has been involved in developing a prototype of Spitfire, a specialized incendiary launching device designed to ignite controlled forest fires from a helicopter.

This project will fund aerial adaptation and flight operational testing of Spitfire.

St. John's Hop on Hop Off

St. John’s Hop On Hop Off is a bus tour service that provides live guided tours in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Offering customers a taste of Newfoundland culture and storytelling, St. John’s Hop On Hop Off has 10 stops that are conveniently located near all major attractions and landmarks including; downtown, Signal Hill, Quidi Vidi Village and Cape Spear.

Canadian Northern Outfitters

Accessible only by private helicopter, Canadian Northern Outfitters Lodge is a luxurious resort that sits beside one of the world’s finest salmon fishing rivers. Located on the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland, the Lodge grants visitors exclusive access to the tranquil Long Harbour River – home to the earliest salmon fishing season in the province.

Successful Exits

Verafin™ Inc.


Verafin is a North American leader in fraud detection and anti-money laundering solutions for financial institutions. Verafin helps financial institutions comply with the Bank Secrecy Act, USA PATRIOT Act, and FACTA regulations, while also helping to protect against fraud. By using the latest advances in artificial intelligence and behavior-based pattern recognition, compliance officers and fraud professionals gain  an improved understanding of the institution’s customers and their activity.

During the years Verafin was supported within Killick Capital’s portfolio, it enjoyed exponential growth, In 2012, it was among one of the fastest growing companies in North America on Deloitte’s 2012 Technology Fast 500. Based in Newfoundland and Labrador, Verafin gained a stellar intercontinental reputation and today its software is used in over 1300 banks and credit unions across North America.

In 2013, Killick successfully exited its investment as part of the C$60 million investment by Spectrum  Equity, a leading growth equity firm focused on the information economy.

Killick Aerospace Group (Prime Turbines, CT Aerospace, Kansas Aviation, Air Parts & Supply Co.)

Prime-Turbines      CT-Aerospace

Kansas-Aviation       APSCO

In 2015, Killick Capital sold four business units of Killick Aerospace Group, consisting of Prime Turbines (including both U.S. and Germany-based operations), CT Aerospace, Kansas Aviation, and Air Parts & Supply Co. to VSE Corporation (NASDAQ: VSEC) for $184 million (US) in cash.

The purchase agreement included potential post-closing payments of up to $40 million if CT Aerospace, Kansas Aviation, and Air Parts & Supply Co. surpassed certain thresholds of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) during the two years after the closing, and one additional post closing payment of $5 million if such companies surpassed a certain EBITDA threshold during any consecutive 12-month period in 2014 and 2015.

The four units specialize in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services and parts supply for corporate and regional jet aircraft engines and engine accessories. The units had approximately 185 employees; the combined sales and income before taxes were estimated to be approximately $111 million and $22 million, respectively, for the year ending December 31, 2014.